Sunday, June 29, 2008

Media Kit

As a Professional Organizer I have been able to participate in many adventures and I am looking forward to many more to come.
I am giving you the statistics as they appear today(Aug.5th, 2009). Continued daily growth is anticipated. I am currently changing my blog over to wordpress. This will be complete within a month of today. At that point my stats may make a change initially because of the change, but wordpress has been known to increase search engines so I look forward to much higher viewership afterwords.

Organize with Sandy - Over 4,200 unique views per month and over 200 followers.

Organize with Sandy Reviews - Over 2,400 unique views per month and over 200 followers
*I am going to be combining these two sites to increase my numbers as I change over to Wordpress.

Page Rank - 3

Twitter @organizersandy 3921 followers

Facebook Sandy Jenney 536 friends

As a More Than Eleven Mom I am presently in a program for the "Your Zone" line of products for teens bedrooms. I have been given a gift card from Walmart and asked to redo my teens bedroom. I will be taking a video of it by August 21, 2009 and it will then be posted on the "Get Inspired" portion of the Walmart site. I also am going to be able to giveaway a $500 gift card to one of my readers to redo their teens bedroom.

I was also the featured Guest Blogger on The Walmart Eleven Moms site the week of April 22nd.

I was featured on Columbus NBC 4 newscast twice , "First at 4 with Ellie Merrit"

This was the 2nd show that was shown a week later.

I have been a guest blogger on many sites, but I was featured twice on Ellie Merrits Blog called Elaborating with Ellie

I have a weekly live Webcast show on Mondays at 8:30 est on

This is an interview that I did with Maria Bailey. She is one of the co-founders of MomTV,, She is an award winning author, Talk Radio host and Nationally known speaker. I was thrilled that she asked me for an interview.

I am one of the featured contributor's for the online Magazine Galtime

I have been asked to be a contributor to the local online magazine 1492 Columbus Magazine.

I was asked to be one of the ever growing social media food tasters called Tastecasting. I am one of the founding 40!

I had an interview with the Columbus Dispatch on Local Mom Bloggers.

I have been involved in two web casts with Peter Walsh and Office Max. The Back to School Web cast was today (8/6/09)

I am a Member of Collective Bias
I am a Member of One to One Network
I am a Member of Momfluence
I am a Member of Mom Central
I am a Member of Global Organizers (a newer forum for Professional Organizers)
I am a Member of NAPO Ohio and NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers)
I am a Member of Faithful Organizers.

I would like to work with companies that can incorporate organization into the product, company or concept. If you are not sure, please contact me and ask.
Feel free to contact me with any information or questions you may have for me.
You can reach me at or by calling me at 740-817-2203

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