Friday, July 18, 2008

Columbus Blogging Buddies

Please check out my Columbus Blogging Buddies!!

1) Lacie from Peanut Butter and Pickles Reviews blog has great giveaways and lots of them! Lacie was the one who first oriented me to blogging. I saw her blog and all the sidebar buttons and spent the next several hours checking things out. But she was so sweet and helped me so much to learn how to do everything!
Peanut Butter & Pickle Reviews

2) Thrifty and Chic Mom - Ellen has a blog that can help you find great couponing deals and freebies. She gives you a step by step on how to make a Coupon album also. (This is how I made mine)
Thrifty and Chic Mom

3) Ali from Blessed Treehouse writes a very comical view on many things. She gives some great tips and ideas on how to do things "green". I met Ali on twitter and we ended up going to a blogging conference together, meeting for the first time when I picked her up to drive to TN.
Blessed Treehouse

4) Marcy from Stretching A Buck blog also has a blog that can help you save money, give you the weekly coupon deals and freebies.
Stretching A Buck

5) Denise from Musings from Mommyland takes you on a journey of raising a premie baby. She has many links to other premie blogs.

6) Ellie from Elaborating with Ellie is the anchor newswoman for First at Four with Ellie Merritt. She is great! She had me on her show. She has had Ellen from Thrifty and Chic Mom on before. She also has Marcy from Stretching a Buck and Tara from Deal Seeking Mom on every Monday to tell the weekly coupon and freebie deals.

7) Christina from A Mommy Story has some great articles to read on her blog.

8) Tara from Deal Seeking Mom is on Ellie's news show every other Monday. Her blog is also a blog on how to save money and the great coupon deals you can get. She is a Walmart 11 mom and has had many wonderful opportunities come her way through her blog and Walmart.
Deal Seeking Mom

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