Sunday, September 28, 2008

A whole new blog world

I have realized there is another entire blog world out there!
I went to a site called and saw all these cute side buttons. I started going to those and those sites had more...and it can become addictive!
I realized I have a lot to learn about working with my blog! I am determined to find someone who can help me grow my blog.
I want to use my organizing skills and inform...but I also want to discuss my Tomboy tools, pouchee and buttons!! So do I keep this one blog and build from there? Do I add buttons for each item? Do I start a new blog? So many things to learn and so far no one that I can find to teach me.
I have realized there are many things I need help learning on here. My hubby Dave told me I just need to buy a book. But wait!! I am 48 years old and half of what it is talking about in the book or instructions are foreign to me. Sooooo I would like to find someone who can sit down with me and go through it so I can learn it hands on. (I will take notes!!).
I am really excited to learn more. I had Nick design my web site for me and I love what he did....but I would love to be able to add pictures etc..myself and not have to rely on Nick to do it for me.
I am going to continue to look for help in learning computer information.
I would think that Stay at Home Moms would come up with this for a business!! (I am sure some have and I just haven't found them!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Wouldn't you love to be able to do that!!?? That is my step daughter Elise. She has such flexibility. She is in her 2nd year doing the mini cheerleading.
Alex and Zach both love mini football. This is their 2nd year doing that also. It is for 1st and 2nd graders. They are the big men on the block this year...2nd graders.
The triplets have been having a lot of fun. Their dad (my husband) Dave is the boys assistant coach. I think he has had as much fun as the boys.
Elise will get to cheer for their game 3 of the 6 games she cheers for.
What a great program Johnstown has for the kids.
Tim who is now 15 is in the marching band. He is a sophmore this year. Drew 14 years old is in his first year in the marching band. They both play the trumpet. Drew is also in cross country on the varsity team as a freshman.
We never lack for activities to go to!!

Peanut butter and pickles Blog

I was just looking at my Columbus Moms Like Me site and found a blogging site by Lacie. I thought it was something really cute and fun. She is trying different products and then posts about them and has give aways.
The one that she had listed that I really liked was Precious Girls Club: A little bit of Faith. It is like Web Kinz for the kids. But it is faith based and for little girls. It really looked cute. I had not heard about it, although I think it will become bigger. Just from reading quickly I think it is made through Precious Moments (but if thats incorrect I apologize).
I enjoyed reading Lacies blog. I have not done a lot of blogging, but I am venturing into it further to both enjoy and help my business.
Go to: and you can see her site for yourself.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Staying Busy

Busy is a word that describes my life right now. Thats a good thing. Starting with my family...out of the 5 of our 8 kids that are home....Tim(15) and Drew(14) are in High school band. Drew is also in Cross country. Alex and Zach (7 years) are in mini football and have 2 practices a week plus a game. Dave is an assistant coach, so we can't miss any of them. Elise (7 years) is in mini cheerleading and practices also twice a week (thank goodness they are on the same night!!). She doesn't always cheer for her brothers, so on Saturdays we sometimes have 2 different games to go to. I have my older Drew's 23rd birthday this week, so everyone is coming over for dinner including my father and my brother. We will have 11 people here. Oh yeah and we are going to put our house on the market soon and at least try to buy another house here in Johnstown that is bigger. With the market the way it is we aren't holding our breath for that to really happen...but it never will happen if we don't try. Ok...thats the home life.
Now the business life. I work part time in the pediatricians office. It is only about 6 days a month..but it always seems like I am too busy to go! Hee hee Then my organizing business I have been working several days a week and its going well. I am also selling my pouchees on line, which that doesn't take up too much time...but I still have to stay on top of the orders and check in with the couple stores I also have them in. My button business is at the baby stages. I am still working on the computer software to do them on the computer, right now I am doing them by hand. (Which I like...but I want to be able to put pictures in them. ) Now I have taken on the Tomboy tools. That was a completely unexpected business. I just felt like these were really nice tools and made so nice..its a newer company and thats when you want to get into a company that is growing right?
So many things on the front. I am enjoying everything (except getting the house ready to sell and the thought of keeping it show ready with 5 kids and 2 dogs!!).
I think that keeping yourself busy is really important for your emotional health. Plus being able to do things you enjoy is a luxury I think!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Diva Toolbox Articles

I have written several articles for a web site called
It is a great site with all kinds of information submitted by many different people. I have written an article on giving a "divorce shower" party (with Tomboy tools), Starting a business, organizing your purse, and there is another one that I can't think of at the moment.
I won one of their daily contest for my article on "Doing something you LOVE", which was under the ..."Starting your business" title. I had my picture on there with a little bit about my business. They just redid their site and I can't find that section anymore, but they added a Pick of the Day article. For their first one they choose my "organize your Purse" article. I thought that was fun!!
My sales for my pouchees has been increasing..I am so glad people are discovering the pouchee. I think it is a fantastic purse organizer....(other wise I wouldn't be selling it). I have to really feel strongly about something to want to sell it!

Organizing your purse can be very easy. It may take a minute or two every other day or so to keep it in order. If you are like me you get in a hurry when you are at a store and end up throwing something back in your purse without putting it in its proper place. It can end up a mess if you let it go, or you don't have a place for each thing. But just like in anything else you organize, you have to keep it up. Organizing doesn't just happen and it won't just "stay that way" without some help. But the key to organizing anything is that each thing has a place...and then its easy to put things back away. So often things pile up because they don't have a specific "home". If there is too much in your purse you either need to #1...get a bigger purse. Or #2 ...throw some things out to make room.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pink Car kit

I just got my car kit and I like it even better than I thought I would!! It appears to me that it is has a flat back and would lay down in your car. But it has a square bottom and sits up (like a picnic basket). There are all kinds of pockets and cubbies in it. Room for all kinds of things. The flash light needed 3 AAA batteries and it really nice. The jumper cables fit in the bottom. Another consultant showed this at a gun show and also said that a gun fits where the jumper cables are if you have a concealed weapon permit.
I am thinking that the canvas kit could be used in so many other ways too!! Love it!!