Sunday, August 3, 2008

Garage "After" Organizing

I spent about 7 hours today organizing my clients four car garage. We had already sorted through his things and gotten rid of a lot of things.
I purchased many plastic bins in 5 different sizes to work with. I knew that I would be able to get 2 across on the shelves and I messaged the height (hence the reason for several sizes).
I used bins where I could to keep things together and to be able to label things. I wasn't able to use the lids on all of the bins (example bug sprays and things that were taller). But I did make sure that I put the lids underneath the containers even if we didn't use them on top, just so they wouldn't get lost.
I did label the bins at the end, not as I went. There were times that I found out I had more than I thought or less than I thought and ended up changing the size of bin that I used.
I was very pleased with the result.

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