Thursday, July 17, 2008


Today was a "reorganize that absolutely terrible" basement day. I have been so busy with one of my current organizing jobs, that my own house has suffered. Mainly my basement. I don't have to go down there too often, so its easy to ignore. We get clothes out and things for vacation and then they get just set at the bottom of the stairs and end up spread out and not put back in their proper places. See..even a Professional Organizer can have a mess in her home! I am not OCD about cleaning (I actually wish I was). But I do want a place for everything. My basement will not take me long to clean. There is some sorting, and I am getting rid of some old crafting supplies that I am not using anymore, but over all it is just putting things back on the shelves and taking out old boxes.
As you can see I do not have some fancy system with matching containers. I have bought things over the years including the shelves and bins. I much prefer the clear plastic ones so you can see what is in them. But I still have some of the others and I am gradually transferring over to clear. I do label everything so it makes it easy to find things also. Some of the shelves I have are better than others, but you don't have to spend oodles of money on supplies to be organized.
I do recommend if you are planning on buying shelves and or bins, that you measure. Measure the space between shelves and also the width of space on the shelves. I have many bins that will not fit side by side, and several that will only fit on a top shelf because they are too tall. Learn from my mistakes!
I still have finish up cleaning and vacuuming to do, but it feels so much better to have floor space again!

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