Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Hi, I am Sandy Jenney!
I am a professional organizer and love it!
About 7 years ago I was going to start my business, but life and times were tough at that point and I just wasn't at a good starting point. I have tried to figure out for years something that I can do on my own and to be my own boss. I have come up with many ideas and have made some crafts to sell along the way....but when life fell back together for me a couple years ago I seriously sat myself down and tried to figure out what I was really good at and loved. Organizing was my answer. I have organized myself and my home for years and helped many friends along the way.
Thus began "Organize with Sandy". I began reading everything I could get my hands on and went to several training classes, along with joining National Association for Professional Organizers. (It is so cool to be with other people who have the same passion as you....meetings are organized, start on time, people are prepared...just amazing!). I have also joined Faithful Organizers and love their forum online. So much of the information that I read on actual organizing, I already knew or already that made me feel good. But there were many tips that I learned and continue to learn that have been invaluable. From the business stand point I learned so much from a weekend training class that I attended in MI. Judy Warmington and Treva were great and gave me all the beginnings and information to actually get the business going. I am now in my 2nd year as a business and have been very busy.
I also sell pouchees on my site and through the Online Organizing Store. I discovered them at a local church bazaar and just loved them myself (otherwise I would never sell them). That is just something fun that I thought other people would love as much as I do.
Then the 3rd thing that I have gotten going lately is my button business. I had a client tell me that she was just thinking of me. She was going through some things and kept saying to herself, "What would Sandy Say? Would she want me to kept it, donate it or pitch it?" From that I realized there was very little "fun" stuff for organizers to buy. I came up with some buttons and mirrors and key chains for organizers to start off with. From there it is spreading out to kids sports, school and gifts.
I work part time right now at a pediatricians office. I have worked there on and off for 20 years.
I married Dave in November of 2006. We met online (of all places huh?) and have a fantastic relationship. (Ladies there may be a time for those of you who have unfortunately gone through a divorce and think that life is over, like I did......that you will do the same as I did and actually sincerely thank your ex husband for leaving you!). I have 4 boys, Joe who is 25, Drew is 22, John is 20 and Tim is 15. Dave (who is the same age as me, he just started later) also has 4 children. His Drew (yes...two Drew's) is 14, and he has 7 year old triplets, Alex, Zach and Elise. We have 1 girl out of our 8. Five of the 8 live at home. We have his kids half the time, every other week.
When we got married they moved into my house (which I had downsized when I moved to the same town that my now husband lived). So I had to really organize this place, so we can all fit and function. We would like to buy or build a new home, ...but with the market the way it is, we are currently staying put.
We just got back from our first vacation with all of Daves kids. The triplets had never been out of Ohio, never been to the mountains or the ocean. His oldest had also never been to the ocean. Along with my 15 year old son the 7 of us went first to Gaitlinburg, TN for 3 days and then to Myrtle Beach for 3 days. We had a great time!! Everything was new for the little ones. Heck, they had never stopped at a rest stop even! The picture of Dave and I is on the beach. I just got my hair cut yesterday. I am back to the short style again. I tried growing it long, but I think I am just too old.
Ok..that is me in a nutshell!!
Blogging is also a beginning for me...this should be fun!
Thanks for reading,

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