Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Diva Toolbox Articles

I have written several articles for a web site called www.divatoolbox.com
It is a great site with all kinds of information submitted by many different people. I have written an article on giving a "divorce shower" party (with Tomboy tools), Starting a business, organizing your purse, and there is another one that I can't think of at the moment.
I won one of their daily contest for my article on "Doing something you LOVE", which was under the ..."Starting your business" title. I had my picture on there with a little bit about my business. They just redid their site and I can't find that section anymore, but they added a Pick of the Day article. For their first one they choose my "organize your Purse" article. I thought that was fun!!
My sales for my pouchees has been increasing..I am so glad people are discovering the pouchee. I think it is a fantastic purse organizer....(other wise I wouldn't be selling it). I have to really feel strongly about something to want to sell it!

Organizing your purse can be very easy. It may take a minute or two every other day or so to keep it in order. If you are like me you get in a hurry when you are at a store and end up throwing something back in your purse without putting it in its proper place. It can end up a mess if you let it go, or you don't have a place for each thing. But just like in anything else you organize, you have to keep it up. Organizing doesn't just happen and it won't just "stay that way" without some help. But the key to organizing anything is that each thing has a place...and then its easy to put things back away. So often things pile up because they don't have a specific "home". If there is too much in your purse you either need to #1...get a bigger purse. Or #2 ...throw some things out to make room.

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