Sunday, September 28, 2008

A whole new blog world

I have realized there is another entire blog world out there!
I went to a site called and saw all these cute side buttons. I started going to those and those sites had more...and it can become addictive!
I realized I have a lot to learn about working with my blog! I am determined to find someone who can help me grow my blog.
I want to use my organizing skills and inform...but I also want to discuss my Tomboy tools, pouchee and buttons!! So do I keep this one blog and build from there? Do I add buttons for each item? Do I start a new blog? So many things to learn and so far no one that I can find to teach me.
I have realized there are many things I need help learning on here. My hubby Dave told me I just need to buy a book. But wait!! I am 48 years old and half of what it is talking about in the book or instructions are foreign to me. Sooooo I would like to find someone who can sit down with me and go through it so I can learn it hands on. (I will take notes!!).
I am really excited to learn more. I had Nick design my web site for me and I love what he did....but I would love to be able to add pictures etc..myself and not have to rely on Nick to do it for me.
I am going to continue to look for help in learning computer information.
I would think that Stay at Home Moms would come up with this for a business!! (I am sure some have and I just haven't found them!

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