Friday, September 26, 2008

Peanut butter and pickles Blog

I was just looking at my Columbus Moms Like Me site and found a blogging site by Lacie. I thought it was something really cute and fun. She is trying different products and then posts about them and has give aways.
The one that she had listed that I really liked was Precious Girls Club: A little bit of Faith. It is like Web Kinz for the kids. But it is faith based and for little girls. It really looked cute. I had not heard about it, although I think it will become bigger. Just from reading quickly I think it is made through Precious Moments (but if thats incorrect I apologize).
I enjoyed reading Lacies blog. I have not done a lot of blogging, but I am venturing into it further to both enjoy and help my business.
Go to: and you can see her site for yourself.

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