Sunday, October 5, 2008

Organizing My Own House

Yesterday and today I have had time off from one of my clients that I didn't expect. So I decided that I needed to work on my own house. My house is not perfect but I wish it was. I have needed to get back into the kids rooms and switch out the summer for winter clothes. Sort through and see what can be donated or put into a bin that will still fit them next year. With the triplets it is kind of nice that Zach is about 3" taller than Alex and weighs about 12 pounds more, so that usually Zach can hand down to his triplet brother. Then of course with Tim and Drew who are 14 and 15, they are wearing the same size, and their clothes that are too small have to wait a couple of years for Zach and Alex to fit into them. Elise being the only girl doesn't have family that passes her down clothes, but we have had a dear friend who has given Elise some wonderful clothes from her daughter.
I spent about 5 hours yesterday working on their two bedrooms. I worked on their closets and drawers and over all reorganizing and getting rid of extra stuff that accumulates over time.
Here is a picture of Elises room. Two years ago I painted all of her bedroom furniture the pink, purple and green. I found that shelf at a garage sale for $2.00 and painted it. The bed canopy thingy (what do you call those?) was from a garage sale and cost $5.00. I love it!
Today I am going to tackle the kitchen. I have a pretty small kitchen and pantry. For seven people in the house I have a hard time fitting everything. Things have become a mess again in my cupboards and it has been driving me crazy!! I have a husband and kids who do an ok job putting things where they should go, but I would love it if they always put things away like I wanted them to.
I will get some before and after pictures of the kitchen. They will actually be pretty embarrassing for me....because things are pretty bad right now. I also do not have the time to go to the store and find any organizing products like I would like to do, so I am going to have to figure some things out.
Here goes!!!

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