Thursday, October 30, 2008

Being Sick but still keeping up.

This is sometimes how we feel we look when we are sick!! But being sick is no fun. If you are like me you just want to crawl back under the covers and stay there all day. I don't usually want to do anything!! But in todays busy world sometimes that is not an option.
Even if you aren't well enough to go to work there are still some thing you can do around your house that take little physical effort that will help you stay caught up in other areas of your life.
Balancing a check book would be a good one. Yuk...who likes to do that?
You know that big pile of papers that you have in your office that need to be filed? This is a great time do to that. Just take in your cup of tea and your blanket and file away.
Go through your "to do" list and update that. There may be some things on there that you can take care of since you are home. Make Doctor and Dentist appointments that are overdue. Call the cell phone company and complain about that bill that they messed up. (Oh and complain to someone when you are sick...that poor company!! Hee Hee)
Look for the little sit down things that need to be done, and make yourself do at least one or two of those. You won't feel like your day has totally been wasted.
When you feel just plain yucky....there are still some things you can do that at least make you feel a little better about your day at home.

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