Sunday, October 5, 2008

My kitchen feels so much better

I worked for about 8 hours today in my kitchen. I am not completely finished, but I feel so much better. I did the majority of my kitchen. I still need to do the refrigerator and stove, along with just a couple of other cabinets. Having white cabinets and 5 can imagine the fingerprints and dirt we get on everything. I used soft scrub and really did some cleaning..inside and out. I went through the drawers and got crumbs and stuff up. I still need to do the floor really really good. Not just a mop, but on my hands and knees and getting up under the edge of the cabinets.
I was in big time work mode. Dave had the kids at the farm working today. I need to work without a lot of distractions when I get into "work mode". It is best that the kids weren't here.
It feels really good to get that done!!!

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