Friday, October 31, 2008

What if you are NOT Ready to Start but Everyone Says You Need to Organize!!

This can be tough. What if your husband or wife, friends and family are telling you that YOU NEED help? You may not think you are ready for that step.
First of all you have to think honestly to yourself.....
1) Are you happy with how your house looks?
2) Are you proud of your house?
3) Are you embarrassed to have people in your house?
4) Can you find what you need when you need it?
5) Are you ready for a change?
6) Are you ready to stay in the situation you are in?

These are several things that you can ask yourself....and be honest with yourself. You don't have to tell anyone your answers.

If other people are telling you have a problem...and you don't feel you are need to ask yourself...why?
Why do you want to keep your home the way it is? If you aren't proud of it...if you can't have company over because you are embarrassed.....then why aren't you ready to make a change?
Change can be scary. It can be hard...and that is usually the reason that we are resistant to it. We are scared of things that can be hard. We are scared of things that make us face reality. No one likes to do that. Plus it just seems too overwhelming to us to handle.
When you do realize you need help...then to reach out and get that help is the hard thing....once you get will feel wonderful. It will feel like a weight has been lifted and you can breath.
Imagine if your mother in law or friend decides to drop in at on you at the last minute and you have no problem saying ...."Come on in and sit down!!"....without embarrassment! That would be great wouldn't it?
Think about it!

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