Monday, November 3, 2008

Pouchees new leatherette colors!!

Brown pouchee


Navy Blue

Moss Green

Aussie Red

Here are the new leatherette colors!! Aren't they great!
We are still keeping the pink leatherette too. Yeah!! I love that one.
The cotton pouchees are not changing, but the old colors (except the pink) will no longer be available after I have sold out of them. I can't order any more.
Transitioning at Christmas time may tough with this, although I hope not.
I think everyone will be really pleased with the new ones.
If you haven't already seen the pouchees...they are a wonderful invention! I love mine to keep my purse organized. I have a place for everything. I am not a routine purse changer...usually just twice a year...winter and spring. I really need to change to my winter purse soon, I just love my new spring purse.
Organization is about keeping everything in your life organized. From your purse to your car to your home to you work. It can be work to keep things from over flowing.
Since I have been so busy in the last few weeks sprinkled with not feeling well...there are a couple of areas of my home that need attention too. So you aren't alone.

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