Friday, December 12, 2008

Couch organizer!

Here is another thing that I love! I have it on my couch right next to my mini office! It holds my calculator, pens and other odds and ends on one side. On the far side that hangs down I put all my related connector cords. The one for my camera to my computer, my PDA connector and also my camera charger. I have some head phones in there too that I use for my laptop. If I want to listen to a CD about organizing or watch a DVD on my laptop while the tv is on..I just whip out my little headphones and I am off to quiet zone.
I got the red because I have the red leather couch and it seems match real close so you don't really notice it. But I am too practical anyway, so I don't really care. Hee hee It just lifts right off if you want to have company over and want it to look nicer.

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Ali said...

You are beyond brilliant.