Saturday, December 13, 2008

Make a Christmas list before you shop!

Christmas list....we all need to make them before we get out into that crazy, sale driven, deal making shopping world!
I guess I would think that everyone would make a list, and I would bet that most of us do. But I do know people who just wing it. They go out to do their shopping and have an idea of what they are going to get the 23 people they have to buy for.
It's just too hard to keep it straight. To remember if you got Johnnie black socks and Rubin an X-box 360 and you need to have about the same amount to give each one.
It's simple...just write down everyone you need to shop for. If you have ideas or know what you plan to get them...write it down under their name. When you find it..mark it off. If you find something different or new...write it in. Very simple and will help you tremendously.
This is Elise with her Christmas list for the dollar store. She had her pencil with her to mark off who she bought for. Cute huh?

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