Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mini office

This is my mini work station beside the couch, where I always sit, in the family room.
I have my bills in the right cubby, bills paid and things to be filed in the middle and on the right as you see my stapler and tape. On top I have a notebook I use daily to plan my day and extra paper. There are also some papers in there that I used to track and make sure some things were completed. In the drawer I have my stamps, envelops, return address labels, hand lotion and some other odds and ends. You can kind of see on the left of my work station I have a plastic ...oh wait, I will take a picture of it because I love it too.

I have scissors, pens and pencils. My letter openers, paperclips. Then I have Q-tips and fingernail clippers because I am always seeing dirty ears and long fingernails on the kids and I want to take care of it when I see it!
So I have my little home away from home office. I do have a real office in the house, but I like being out with the family. laptop that I am currently working on sits on top of my workstation when I am not using it.

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Ali said...

I love this idea. We live in a 1600 sq. ft. condo, so I am always looking for ways to maximize our space. Currently our coffee table is littered with stuff, but a mini-home office is a much cleaner alternative!