Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Organizing your family with cubbies

This is the central family zone in our home. We do not have a very large home and I tend to be one who is very practical. Each child has a color and they know their color. There is one cubbie for each child and one for me. My husband has the station on top for his phones and keys etc.
Anytime I find something laying around the house, I throw it in their cubbie. They can put their dry hats and gloves in their cubbies, along with little things they want to keep downstairs. Have them clean them out every couple of weeks (or sooner if needed) and put everything away.
Works great for us. What do you do with all the little things you pick up around the house all day?


Melissa said...

I love this Idea I am heading to Target today to get the cubbies! I am constantly looking for a neat way to let the kids have a launch pad.

Bubele said...

I am also heading to target! This is a great idea- I am always picking up little things and don't know where to put them!