Sunday, December 7, 2008

Who's socks are who's?

How do you keep track of who's socks are who's?
I just read about someone else and how they kept track of their socks. I posted a comment on her blog about how I did it, so I thought it makes sense to share that with you!
With 5 children to sort socks for...its not always easy. I try a couple of things. As the other blogger suggested, I try to buy different kinds of socks for the kids. I do try this to an extent. The problem I have with it is that the next time I go to buy them, I can't find the same ones for each child on sale again, or more likely I forget which ones I get for each child if there are several kinds. So the other system I have for clothes and socks in my house is "The dot system". My girlfriend told me about this years ago and it works great.
The oldest living at home gets 1 dot on his clothes. The next oldest gets 2 dots. Next is 3 and so on. Elise is our only girl, so I just make an "E" on hers and that is because I need to keep straight which clothes go back to her mom's house and which stay with us.
With the dots, when your oldest is able to pass them down to the next just add 1 dot and then its the #2 child's clothes. (I DO believe in hand me downs!)
It's an easy way to quickly identify clothing. Our 2 oldest at home right now are 14 and 15 and close to the same size. We also get them some of the same shirts (school t-shirts etc) and so it makes it simple to keep track.
In the picture you can see 3 dots on Zach's sock and 4 dots on Alex's sock. Drew's shirt has 2 dots on it.
It makes life much easier when it comes to sorting the laundry.

4 comments: said...

Great tips. I also have 5 kids at home, however now they are all grown and do their own laundry. This would of been a great systems for me few years ago.

I'll make sure to pass this on to friends with little kids.


Andrea @ Mommy said...

This is a great tip! I am striving to be more organized in new year but with 3 boys and socks..well, it's so annoying!

I'm going to do this!

Anonymous said...

Great tip, can you explain more about "The dot system" for socks? Is it some fabric-markers or iron-on dots? Any links to any product reference would also help.

Sandy Jenney said...

In response to a comment that I can't reply to (I hope you read again.) I just use sharpie markers for the dots.
But also watch my review site as soon I will be reviewing and giving away the sock sacks. It is another way to sort socks!!!