Thursday, April 2, 2009

Organizing for a Vacation

Heading out of town for spring break? Taking a vacation this summer? Once you get to your destination it is great, but the days before your vacation can be headache filled and stressful.
Break it down.

Give yourself a schedule of what you need to get done and by when.

Make sure your laundry is all clean the day before you need to start packing.

Make a list of what you need to pack. Make up individual list so the kids can help. Write them out a list of the clothing items they will need. Just have them lay it out in their rooms, so you can check to be sure they really have the 7 pair of underwear you told them to pack, not just their one favorite pair! Use the list yourself to help keep you on track as to what you will need.
If there is a washer/dryer where you are going. Take advantage of it. You won't need to pack nearly so many clothes.
Be sure to check out the forecast of your destination site for conditions so you know what to pack.

If you are driving and have to stop part way over night on your way there, pack one family overnight bag. This way you won't have to unload the entire car to get everyone's bags out for the one night.

If you are flying or driving with children, be sure to pack them activities. If they can have their own backpacks or bags with things that can keep them occupied, it is much easier. If there is room for a little basket for them with their things, that would be ideal to keep everything within reach.
If you have a DVD player in your vehicle, be sure to pack something with the videos in it so they aren't all over the car which of course would probably end up with broken DVD's.

Pack lunches so that you do not have to pay so much for meals along the way.
Keep a trash bag in the vehicle so that trash doesn't build up in the car. Empty each time you stop for gas.

The more prepared you are before you start packing with a list of what you need to remember will help you in the long run. You won't have to worry about forgetting the camera or directions to Aunt Kathy's house. Preparation is the key to less stress in the pre-vacation week.

Have a safe trip and start those lists.

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Together We Save said...

A list really helps to reduce stress. My middle daughter ia a constant list maker.