Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Work On It Wednesday

I have to admit, this couponing business has been bigger than me. I have been good about clipping them out, but not as good at getting them in the notebook. I think it is a time thing. I just haven't fully worked it into my schedule. I am going to the store now and thinking, "Oh, I need that..but wait, I know I have a coupon at home for it, so I don't want to get it now, I am going to wait."
That can be a good thing and a bad thing. Decreases "impulse" buying, but there may be a lag in some of the things we could use that I am not getting. So maybe I am saving anyway? LOL
I am going to sit down and work on a list today and get it all together. This Saturday I am going to a class given by Thifty & Chic Mom on couponing. So I am hoping to pick up some more tips.
It gets overwhelming to me. I know that sounds really silly, but when you are looking at 3 or 4 store ads and you see the same product for sale, but one may be "buy one, get one free". Then another one is a certain amount off...etc. It is just getting it all coordinated and trying to figure out which is the best deal. Then deciding if it is a good deal to go to "that" store instead of "this" store because of location.
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