Monday, April 13, 2009

Magnetic strips can save you!!

I worked on a clients office a couple of weeks ago. There were several challenges including a very small space for her office, but the biggest issue was there were no drawers for her desk supplies. Budget was a big concern, so buying new furniture was not an option. We wanted to work with what she had. With my time at her home we worked on the bookshelf, looking around the house for things we could repurpose. I gave this clients some suggestions as to what could help her and how she could use it. She went on her own and followed her homework plan perfectly!!
I was trying to figure out what could work for her that would not be too expensive, but also where she could put it. I realized the nice space between her two windows could be utilized as the space just above her desk on the wall.

I suggested to her to use some magnetic strips that she could either make herself if she had the metal (making sure edges were not sharp) or buy them for relatively inexpensively with baskets she could put her pencils, pens etc in.

Because the sunlight comes in this window and back lit the picture she dropped her home made sheet curtains for picture purposes for me. You can use these magnetic strips for not only the baskets, but also the little round holders you see on the right that you can put paper clips, rubber bands or small things in. Great place for post it notes to stick or magnetics to hang recent notes. Love em! You can find them at The Container Store.
She sent these to me after she did the follow up work herself. People do not always have to have Professional Organizers do all the work for them. We can give the suggestions and you can do it on your own.

Behind the door there was also some empty space. My client had some paper work that she needed to have a place for her husband. I suggested to her either a small shelf unit behind the door with bins, or using some wall hanging slots.
She found these cute hanging canvas units at The Container Store. They look so cute and will serve her purposes for a small amount of money. She also has another fun window covering on her other window. (You don't have to buy expensive shades or curtains.)
There is a lot you can do to reorganize a space without having to complete "redo" it.

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