Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Time Management made Simple

Time Management
Break down your day into 15 minute increments.
For instance: If you have to be at the school by 3:00 to pick up the kids, but you need to go to the bank and grocery store first then plan it this way:
3:00 - Be at School
2:45 - Leave for school. (It takes 10 min. to get there from school - but use 15)
1:45 - Be at grocery to do the shopping.
1:30 - Leave from bank to go to grocery. (It only takes 8 min. to get there, use 15)
1:15 - Leave for bank. (It only takes 10 min. but use 15)
So to get to the school by 3:00, you need to leave the house by 1:15. You will have an extra 17 minutes to play with if there is traffic, or if the grocery store is crowded. If you end up being early, just keep a book you are reading or a steno pad in your car to make a "to do" list.
Now make sure that 15 minutes before you get ready to leave the house you get your keys, grocery list, banking items ready and have stopped by the bathroom.
So if you need to, set your timer on your stove for 1:00. Once you get in the habit of using 15 minute increments to plan things out, it will become easy and natural and you won't have to worry about being late.
Because your clutter is now cleaned up off that kitchen counter, you can find those keys and bank book and grocery list and you can get out the door on time!
Time management is much easily accomplished when you do not have clutter blocking your path!


Taylor at Household Management 101 said...

You are absolutely right. I use this technique myself, and since I have I have not felt as rushed, nor have I been late as often.

Stesha said...

Thanks for the tip. With my large family, we must always try to stay on schedule.

Hugs and Mocha,

John Hamilton said...

haha she definately knows how to stay on time, we were never late as kids growing up with her!!