Friday, April 24, 2009

Organize a Craft Cart for Kids

With triplets who are 8 years old you can imagine there is a lot of coloring, crafting and wanting to "make" things. I re-purposed this plastic cart to use for the kids crafts.

I use the different drawers for crayons and markers. There is a place for their drawing paper, flashcards, writing paper and other supplies.
I make sure they have their own scissors, tape, stapler and rulers. (Makes great stocking stuffers). Then they are not having to run all around taking your supplies when they have a project they want to work on.


Algebra Teacher said...

I love this idea, too. I have done this but I have placed it on a shelf so my little one can't access these items without asking first. Of course, he has figured out a way to get to them and then has trouble putting them back. I am going home today and move it to a more accessible area for him. We'll have to create some rules about markers and glue, but then these things can be returned to their home by him.

jenjen said...

Great idea Sandy! Now I just have to figure out where to keep the cart. It would be so much more organized than the cupboard where everything is shoved in and falls out each time someone opens it. LOL!