Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Work On It Wednesday - Coupon Workshop

I attended a couponing class given by Thrifty & Chic Mom. We met at a Panera Bread and filled the little back room. She said that 29 people told her they were coming and it was probably very close to that.
She gave us her tips on how to make the most of our coupons.
It is a different way of shopping. You buy when the sales are good on that product AND you have a coupon for it. Then if you have accumulated several coupons you buy as many of that item as you can.
Again...stockpiling is a very negative word for me...but saving money is not, and to a point I can make a place for these items.
I have been having several difficulties starting out. I don't really know what a "good price point" is yet on each item that says...."BUY IT NOW...YOU WON'T GET IT FOR LESS!!" Of course if it is free I understand that. But, one tip she gave me was that she never pays more than a $1 for a box of name brand cereal. So that helps me. So I see when a deal ends up that a box of cereal is going to be down to $1.69, I wait because it will go lower. (Or others will go lower than that)
If you have a chance to go to a couponing class where you live, I suggest that you go.

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Suzie said...

Thanks for letting me know about the class! :)