Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pursehook or Bracelet? The FUMI...it is Both!!

have been using this FUMI pursehook for a couple of months and I love it!! This is really an awesome product. You can wear it as a bracelet and it looks wonderful. No one would think it was anything other than a bracelet. You do not have to put your purse on the ground to pick up all kinds of dirt and germs any longer.
The other think I love is that when I go into a bathroom and realize there is no hook I can use the FUMI that I always keep hooked to my purse handle and hang it on the door.

These run for $24.95 and I think they are worth every penny!!
Click on either of the above pictures to go to the FUMI site and see the different colors they have, plus check out the other pursehooks, charms and purse scarves.

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jenjen said...

That is really cool Sandy! It would make a perfect gift for my mom - she is always needing some way to keep her purse off of the ground.

Very pretty too!