Monday, August 10, 2009

Back To School Organizing - Are you Ready for the Routine to Start again?

Many of us have kids starting school within the next two weeks. My kids start next week..they are excited. I have the "mixed emotions" going on. I am not excited about the morning routine, homework, crazy mornings and after school....BUT I am excited that I will have some more time freed up during the week to spend with my organizing clients.
I discussed what Peter Walsh had to say about the school organizing. He talked a lot about "routine".
But what is the routine?
My Morning Tips.
1) Get up at least 15 minutes earlier than you "think" you need to. There will always be a glass of spilled milk or a "melt down" when you least expect it.
2) Have a "job board" if needed to help your child remember their morning routine.
3) PREPARE the night before!!!
* Pack lunches or lunch money
* Lay out clothes
* Have book bags ready to go
* Homework inside in the bookbags
* Library books inside the bookbags (you get the point)
* Take your shower the night before if possible.
* Have breakfast planned and table set

My After School Routine Tips
1) Routine...Routine....Routine. (kids need it)
2) Book bags emptied when they come in the door. Have a specific spot for their papers where you can go through them.
3) Snack
4) Homework time (don't delay it, get it over with..they are still in school mode..not play mode yet.)
5) Have a quiet place, with low stimulus for homework. Desk in their room without tv, or a kitchen table.
6) Put their book bags away in a set spot. Hooks on the back of a door can work great.

Get Ready...Get come the school projects!!


Lisa Hale said...

Great suggesstions!! It all seems so obvious, but as a teacher it amazes me how many parents don't do things like prepare the backpack the night before and as a parent...I know how difficult it can actually be to stick to a well-intentioned routine. I created a slide show on whrrl you might be interested in:

Thanks for sharing your tips. :)

Ally at Zwaggle said...

Great tips, Sandy!

Maya Lee said...

Your tips are very helpful. Thanks for sharing them.

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