Friday, August 7, 2009

Peter Walsh Back to School Web Cast with Office Max

I took part in a web cast with Peter Walsh that Office Max sponsored yesterday. He had with him in this picture from left to right a Teacher, a middle school student, Peter, a Mom and a High school student. He would ask different questions and then compare how the different people viewed the different situations.
He went over how to get organized to start school. I want to share the information that he gave because I think it is valuable.
(My pictures aren't very good of this because I took a picture of my computer screen and I kept getting the glare back)

These are the screens he put up. I wanted to show this one to show you what we saw..but I will just write up the test of them.

1) Find the vision you have for a space (what do you want it to look like)
2) Make Organization a Family Value
3) Use the Right Tools for Organizing

1)Show that you value Organization
2)Establish Clear Limits and Routines
3)Always Finish a "cycle". Finish a task

1)Establish Clear Routines
2)Involve Kids with Classroom Organization
3)Use Word pictures and color to help Organize

One of the things that the teacher pointed out that really doesn't have to do with Organization but I thought it was a wonderful thing to mention was - That teachers do not want wooden apples and little gifts for holidays etc. They want classroom supplies. Peter Walsh said on the average teachers spend about $1,200 a year of their own money on classroom supplies. So next time instead of buying your teacher another little trinket that will add to her clutter at her things she can use for classroom supplies.

Peter got on twitter for about 15 minutes after the web cast. Of course remember he has over 200 bloggers all trying to "chat" with him via twitter. I said a few things, but he did respond to me.

I wrote him, Thanks @Peter_Walsh You are like chocolate to an Organizer.
He actually saw it and said Thanks Sandy.
I know that seems crazy....but it made my day. LOL

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