Friday, August 14, 2009

Gravatars and how to use them.


Since I am going to be switching to Word Press (like hopefully today or tomorrow) there were some things I wanted to share with you.
As I have said a zillion times...I am very untechie. So there is none of this that seems to come easy to me or is a snap for me to do.
With that being said, I have been going to a lot of post lately to make comments and instead of the normal google section that automatically posts my picture...I get this Gravatar thing. I clicked on it once and there were all kinds of other peoples pictures. I didn't see how to load my I didn't do it.
Wordpress just started using this "Globally Recognized" Avatar system this year. You used to have to pay for a Gravatar.
I just did this today and wanted to share this video that makes it very simple.
For those of you who are saying....ding-o...of course we know how to do this, why are you putting this Gravatar 101 post up? Well....kudos to you (wish I were more like you) ...but some of us are technology challenged and it is for those (like me) that I am posting this.

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