Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Organizing your dogs? LOL... NOT!!

Organizing and dogs don't really work! LOL You can organize their things of course...but not them.
If they are properly trained, going outside to potty is not a problem. But when they are sick...thing are different.
I am writing this because "things are different" in this house in the last few days.
Gizzy (above) has been sick. She started getting sick Saturday night and had me up 3 times through the night. She had both V and D. (I really don't want to write them out...I think you get the is breakfast time you know)
I ended up taking her into the vet hospital yesterday morning. She had blood in both her V and D yesterday am. She has been in since yesterday and getting IV fluids to hydrate her. They think she has either pancreatitis from the high fat content in the steak bone we gave her Thursday night or an obstruction. They are holding off doing x-rays and all kinds of labs and just watching her (I appreciate that $$$)
Enter Sadie - She has been fine, just worried because her sissy isn't here.
But I came down to find two (one on linoleum but the other in the boys bedroom carpet...ggggrrrrhhhh)places where she had had D. No not her too!! (she is my soul mate doggie)
I called the vet and they said to take her food and water away. Give her ice cubes to keep her hydrated and cook up some hamburger meat (drained) and give her little bits and that helps with the D.
Dog hair to clean up, vet bills, ruined carpet (Gizmo chewed up a red ink pen 2 years ago and we had to replace the carpet in the family room because of it)from pens and D/V, rolling in poop at the farm, bad breath....WHY DO WE LOVE THESE ANIMALS? LOL I don't know...but we love them and they are a part of the we deal with the bad along with the good.


Elaine said...

I'm really sorry to hear about your dogs, I know how worried you must be. I totally sympathize with the mess and the carpet, as we have gone through that too. Interesting your vet said cook up some hamburger-- ours said cook some white chicken and white rice for the intestinal problem.

Good luck and keep us posted!


Terry said...

Remember the good things!

When they curl up with us at night, coming running to see you like it was the first time when you arrive home, and just plain look up at you with those puppy eyes!

Good luck!

miranda @ keeper of the cheerios said...

Poor dogs :( I hope that they'll both be okay.

Sharon said...

How are the pups doing?