Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Big BlogHer Thank You!

(I saw this on a couple of blogs and loved the I did steal the idea of taking a picture of all the business cards. I know I was excited to see mine in someone else's look for yours and leave me a comment if you see it!!)

I have so many thank yous to everyone at BlogHer. Thanks yous for putting it on , thank yous for coming up to me and saying you recognized me (those were the coolest!), thank yous for being the first person to introduce yourself in line at the hotel (@mom101), for asking me to sit down and eat lunch with you and your daughter that first day (@mamacita) my roommate who gave up her free room to help me out since I had 2 people back out on me. (@military_mom) A big thank you for helping me feel comfortable in an uncomfortable place and for being nothing but nice to me (@craftymamaof4). I have big thank yous for these two Walmart 11 Moms for treating me as an equal although in the blogging world we are no where close (@mommybrain and @consumerqueen). Thank you to all the sponsors for all the fun swag they gave us and sponsoring all the parties and food and drinks. I feel I learned so much although I wasn't able to make it to hardly any sessions. (that is crazy isn't it?)
Thank you to the Label Daddy team for asking me to eat breakfast with them at the Newbie Breakfast.
Thank you to Annalisa from GM for discussing the GM cars and organizational features for a possible review with me.

Thank you to John Andrews (@katadhin)from Collective Bias and who started Walmart Eleven Moms for talking to me. I had never been able to meet you and was thrilled to realize how down to earth and nice you really were!
Thanks to Campbell's. I will be anxious to see the video I made about how wonderful my husband is...although I stumbled through it. Your team was awesome to talk to at BowlHer.
It was a pleasure to meet Ted Rubin (@tedrubin) from e.l.f. and the fast response I have had in doing a review for one of their makeup bags.
Denise from brother was great to talk to and I look forward to working with you in the future.

I was thrilled to meet so many people that I see and talk to online IRL (in real life...I thought I would translate for a few like me who were slow to figure that one out)

To the Sponsors that I have pictures for...and this is such a small portion of you. But Thank you for all you did. Thank you for talking to us about your Brands and how we can help each other in this economy. Thank you for coming out to BlogHer and making it so much fun.
I especially want to thank my sponsors for helping to get me to BlogHer.
The Sock Sacks are a great way to organize your socks in the washer/dryer. LOL Kids and adults both will put their dirty socks in their own sock sack. Then you simply put your sock sack into the washer then the dryer...bring them out and NO SORTING! No more lost socks in the wash/dry cycles. I love them! Thanks Sock Sacks for helping me to be able to go.
The pouchee purse organizer is my other sponsor (well...that would be me, but I sponsored myself! LOL ) I did not make this purse organizer (I wish I did) but I do sell them because I am sold on how wonderful they are at keeping your purse organized.
For a Special from Blogher... if you order a pouchee and put in this discount code "BlogHer" you will get 10% off your purchase.

My daughter was thrilled with this new Moxie Girlz Doll that we received at BowlHer as part of our Swag. They aren't coming out until September. My daughter had a blast using the markers and painting the motorcycle and I think her shoes? She was showing me her wonderful art work and was so proud.

The kids ended up with so many fun lights from PBS Kids, also a autographed picture from Nina from The Good Night Show on Sprout a cute pin from Disney (plus Disney had wonderful Mickey Mouse ice cream bars that saved me on one of my "I missed lunch" days), Disney also showed us a laptop computer made for kids that has a safe internet environment (Hint..hint...I would love to do a review and giveaway of one of those for you Disney!! ) and bears from Build a Bear, a Mr. Potato Head from Playschool, coloring books and so much more.
Jump Start was there. It was nice to talk to them as I am going to be doing a review and giveaway for them of one of their programs that my triplets are having a great time using.

Nikon put on a wonderful party and I was thrilled to go.
Pepsico also had drinks for us everywhere!
Tropicana had wonderful and cold juice for us to drink that was lower in calories!
This was the Quaker Oatmeal Smoothie bike! (yummy they were good)
So did you know that Pepsico had more than just Pepsi? I didn't....they have Tropicana, Quaker Oatmeal, Frito-lay, Gatorade Brands. See what you can learn at BlogHer? LOL

Michelin Tires was there with the Michelin Man!

The Swiffer company had a dress up area (as you can see!) at the SocialLuxe party and it was a riot to watch.
Tide gave us a really cool bounce 4 month dryer bars. I haven't put it in my dryer to try it yet...but can't wait. I won't have to have all those used dryer sheets that want to fall out of the dryer onto the floor floating around any more.
They also had Tim Gunn visit their booth. I didn't have time to get in line to take a picture with him, so I snapped this one on my way through. I think its funny that it looks like the word bubble is coming out of his mouth. Thanks Tide.
There are many more ...I mean many more sponsors...and this post would be way too long to list them all. I just want to give them all a very big Thank you!


Monica @ Mommy Brain Reports said...

Awww Sandy! There is no higher or lower in the blogosphere! You are so awesome, and I'm so glad I got to meet you! I had so much fun hanging out at the Nikon party and everywhere else with you!!! I can't wait till we meet up again!!! MWAH!!!

Mom101 said...

What a sweet, gracious post! We could all take a lesson Sandy. I will also always think of you as the nice blogger on line with me as we waited for The Rooms That Never Seemed To Be Ready.

Glad you had such a fantastic weekend, and that it was all you had hoped for.

Now let's see some of those before and after ELF pictures!

* TONYA * said...

I am so glad I introduced myself to you at the Nikon party. You are so sweet and nice and this is a wonderful post, especially in the wave of negativity that I've seen going around since BlogHer.

My2Gs said...

I loved reading about your experiences at BlogHer Sandy! Looks like you had an absolute blast. Mark your calendar..because I am for sure planning on going to BlogHer 2010....this time I'll be the Newbie and you can help show me the ropes :) Take care and hope to see ya soon at a meeting.

Mamacita (Mamacita) said...

I know my card is in that pile somewhere!

It was so lovely to meet you and it is I who am thankful that YOU had lunch with us that first day!

I hope to see you again in New York. Maybe we could have lunch again?

Label Daddy Mommy said...

Awe! Thanks for mentioning us Sandy! It was such a joy meeting you and enjoying that first day with you.

You're such a delight and we love reading your blog! Hope to see you at BlogHer 2010.

The Label Daddy Mommy