Friday, March 20, 2009

Ask the Organizer - Vlog on Organizing your pantry for less

Denise from Musings from Mommyland asked me if I could help her with ideas for organizing her pantry.
I do not have a fancy pantry (one that you could drool over that all of us would love to know, the kind that most of us could make into a home office.) and thought I could benefit many of you best by showing some of the inexpensive ways that you can add "space" to your pantry without having to spend an arm and a leg to do it.

These wire shelf additions can also be used on non wire shelving. Some of the ones on the top shelf and floor can be turned upside down and used to hang from a shelf also. Be creative.
If you have an idea you would like to me help out with, please let me know.


My2Gs said...

Thanks Sandy! I have wire shelves as well and love that you can get extenders for extra space. I think I see a Lowes trip in my future :)

~ Lacie

Denise said...

Thank you! I actually have solid shelves, but my problem was the top where it goes up to the ceiling and the floor, but now I have some great ideas!!! So excited to organize it soon!

Tamara said...

this was great. My pantry looks just like yours so now I know how to make it more efficient. The hanging wire baskets I will be looking for definitely.