Monday, March 16, 2009

Guest Blogger - Jessica from Lackadaisical Motivation

Jessica has so graciously offered to write a post for me on the 3-M hooks she loves to use with all the cool ways she uses them! Please visit her blog called Lackadaisical Motivation Thanks so much Jessica!
First of all, thanks so much to Sandy for featuring this post! Although I’m not nearly as organized as Sandy, I try my best and she’s already give me great ideas that I’ve incorporated into my life. I’m happy to share this post with others.
I love 3-M hooks. I use them to help create more space in all of my living places. With as much as I use them, I thought I’d share how I incorporate them into our lives….maybe you’ll love ‘em too! There are two great things about using them– they remove from the walls very easily (they don’t leave white residue that you have to Goo-Gone away) and the hooks come in different sizes, so they’re very versatile. They’re not very stylish, so I usually tuck them away inside a door, cabinet, or inside of a wall. I hang my bath towels, measuring cups, keys, bathrobes, belts, purses, jewelry, etc using the hooks.

I hang my measuring cups inside a cabinet door. They’re a weird shape and kinda big, but I love the cups, so hanging them inside the door keeps them accessible and frees up space.
I hang the dish towel inside the cabinet under the sink. Hanging it up dries it quickly and keeps us from using it as our hand towel.
I hang my apron in the little space between the fridge and the wall. Keeps it out of the way, yet easily accessible!

Also hanging on the side of the fridge is my flip chart that list important dates. Each month when I advance the calendar to the next month, I grab this chart and use it to add dates to the new month. Of course I use one of the small hooks to hang the chart on the side of the fridge!

When we lived in Omaha and had a small apartment, the coat closet was right next to the front door, so when we come in from outside, we just hang them right up when we hang our coats and dump our bags (purse/briefcase).

This is the hand towel I use every morning in the bathroom. I lay it out on the counter (to keep my eye shadow from dirtying up the counter top) and then use it wipe my hands after gelling my hair. Then, I hang it up on the wall.

This was our bathroom door in Omaha (we had an apartment). We had three hooks we used to hang our bath towels on after we’d used them for the day. When we moved out, we just pulled off the sticky thingy and were done! No holes in the walls or doors. It was great!

Even though we own our home now, I don’t want to put holes in the doors, so I still use the hooks in our bathrooms to hang our robes.

In our closet, I use the hooks to hang my lingerie bag (keep the delicates separated from the rest of the laundry).

Here are some other random uses of hooks around our place:

And, quite possibly the most unique use for the hooks is how I hung my razor in the shower. I didn’t actually use the plastic hook, but the I did use the sticky strip that comes with a hook to attach my razor to the shower wall. Helps keep the razor dry and rust free!

You can find 3-M hooks at Target, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, etc. They are typically found in the hardware departments.
Thank you, Sandy, for this opportunity!

These can be found at The Container Store also.


Ali said...

This is great - we need something like this for hanging our dog leash/collar and a few of my craft items along the inside of a closet. I didn't want any holes or nails, so this will be the perfect solution!

Kimberly said...

I do like the 3m hooks alot. I guess I just only used them for small stuff and I didn't really think about all the stuff I could organize with them. I love the apron advice! I keep mine in a drawer and I always forget to use it because it is completely out of sight. Thanks so much!

SandySmile said...

I have recently found lots of uses for hooks as organizational tools. I love them!