Friday, March 6, 2009

Great companies and products

I want to make a "shout out" to three great people who have been wonderful to deal with. I recently asked them to donate some of their products for a giveaway (on a site that I am no longer associated with and they have also decided to opt out of that) and they all responded quickly and very with enthusiasm. Since the giveaway fell through I wanted to make sure that as many people knew what wonderful products these were and to check out their wonderful products.

Kids Coats These are the cutest coats!! There are all kinds of styles and colors. You have to check them out. They also have coats for boys too. These will for sure keep you kids warm all winter long!!
There is also a new swimwear line of darling suits that you need to check out!! Dealing with this company has been a pleasure and I want to recommend them to you all. (doesn't summer sound wonderful right now?

Leg Huggers is the next company I want to say thank you to and to have you check out their site and products. I did a review on my family blog about the leg huggers and found them to be wonderful. Of course I had to find a friend with a baby...but she loved them. They look so cute and her little girl could crawl around without her knees getting dirty and red from being on the floor in a dress.
This company also jumped right in with an offer for a giveaway and have been wonderful to work with.

This crayon wallet I reviewed on my organizing site. It is great to throw in the car, diaper bag or purse to keep kids happy in a restaurant, waiting room or car.
April of Aprils Originals jumped up to the plate when I asked her and she offered a couple of her products that she makes herself. Go April!!
Please go visit her Etsy shop and shop around, there are Mommy bags there and many products that you can choose from.

Thank you to all three of you for helping me out. You are all awesome!


aprilsoriginals said...

Thanks Sandy, it was my pleasure!w

Kristen said...

I love them. I will check them out. When do you plan on the give-away.

Betty said...

Kids coats really does have some cute coats for kids.