Sunday, March 29, 2009

Share my Recipe Sunday - Heather with Easist Ever Avocado Salad

This week's Gem of the Week goes to Heather from Just Doing My Best. She had presented a couple of good recipes. This is her Avocado salad. Did you know you can freeze avocados? I didn't. Make sure you visit her blog and see what else she has been up to.


This embarrassingly easy recipe came from my grandpa in Texas, whom I think is one of the best cooks ever.

Easiest Ever Avocado Salad
Coarsely dice 2 avocados and 3 small tomatoes and place in serving bowl. (I've used Roma and they work well because Roma's have less liquid than some of the other varieties.) Then, coat the diced duo with Italian dressing. You will have to eyeball the amount, but you will not want to use too much. Just enough to coat.

It's THAT easy. My kids like to eat avocado salad with tortilla chips, as they would guacamole, but it's also great served by itself. The salad is extremely versatile so you can vary the quantity of fruits used based on the size of your family and personal preferences.

Join me for Share your Recipe Sunday. Add your name and recipe to Mr. Linky. Post it on your site with the Share your Recipe Button. You may win my Gem of the Week award. Be sure to pick up some other good recipes and come back each Sunday if you would like to add even more recipes!


Amy said...

Thanks for hosting a great recipe swap. This is my first time to participate. I found you through They have a long list of memes!

Heather @ Heather's Home said...

Love the Avacado Salad recipe. Can't wait to try it.
Thank you for hosting Share My recipe Sunday. I just discovered your blog this week. Looks Terrific!

Heather@justdoingmybest said...

That's so sweet, Sandy! Thank you!

I love messing around in the kitchen so it's fun to share the recipes that I have tried.

Tara @ Feels like home said...

I love avocados, prepared almost any way! :) I had a long day yesterday, and I wasn't able to get around and post my link. Sorry to be a day late. It looks like there are some great links on the list this week!