Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Baskets...add a little style for less

Before you buy and baskets or any form of organization items, make sure you have a reason to buy them. Don't just buy something because it is on sale and you "think" you may be able to use it someday. That ends up adding to your clutter mess. Just because it is something that can be used to organized. If you aren't using it for that purpose, then it adds to the problem.
If you are actively trying to find something to put your CD's in or DVD, stationary etc.. Then you can many times find things on sale. I think I found these at the Flower Factory or Old Time Pottery. I know I didn't pay much at all for them (like a couple dollars at most) and thought they really looked nice. With the photo boxes, you don't have to use them for pictures if there is some other way you need to use them. If it is not for photos (because I am not sure they are archival safe) you can take a regular shoebox and cover it with contact paper and make your own storage box to use that looks nice. Just keep in mind you will not be able to see what is inside, so label well.
You can add a bit of style to some of your shelves, be organized and not spend much!


Thrifty and Chic Mom said...

I agree I love baskets!

Lady Christie said...

One thing I have found to be helpful because I am very bad at guessing the size of basket I will need is to try it out with a box that I have laying around the house. If I am organizing a shelf I will put everything in the boxes first and then I am able to visually see how I want things to look without spending more money then I need to and I won't buy baskets or containers that are to big or to small.

Kristen said...

So true. Don't spend the money unless you have a purpose. I have baskets on the shelves in my playroom. The kids don't seem to appreciate the art of the organization though.

I gave you the Attitude of Graditude Award. Come over and claim you award.

hebba said...

I'm searching for baskets as we speak. That's strange about the chat message...I don't chat online and I'm sure I'm not sending out chat requests. Maybe I inadvertantly set my Yahoo to "stalk".