Friday, July 31, 2009

It's True - I am an official Mann Fann and I now Have a Mann Crush! (t-shirt that is)

If you have followed my blog you might remember that I did a post about Chris Mann after BlissDom in February of this year. He is a great singer with lots of personality and likes to woo us bloggers!!
He sang at the People's Party the first night of BlogHer. He had a table set up and I went up to him to ask if when his CD was coming out. He said to me, "I remember you, you were at BlissDom." I do have to say that I was surprised...and pleased. (ok...let's hope its not because I am like this freak tall old woman who drools all over when I hear him sing? LOL) get on with my story... I told him I would like another picture with him before the weekend was over because I had such "bug eyes" when I got a picture with him and @alihooper at BlissDom.

(Yes..embarrassing picture...) So nice guy that he is, he says to me, "Well let's just get it right now." So he moves his table and comes out with me to get the first picture above with me in the orange jacket. And of course I have the "bug eye" thing going again!! I don't know why...I keep doing it in pictures lately. Trying to give myself an eye lift maybe?

But I did find out his CD comes out on August 11th! Also the itunes download etc... (I don't understand all that other stuff....amazonmp3, rhapsody etc..) But it comes out on all those formats on AUGUST 11th!

After I left that party I saw a few woman with these T-shirts that said Mann Crush. I asked them where they got them and they said that Chris gave them to them. I thought....hmmmm I really WANT one of those. After declaring myself a true Mann Fan it seems only fitting doesn't it? {picture me running back.... kicking woman out of my way and screaming through the crowd..."I have to get a Mann Crush T-shirt..outta my way!!" heard of the swag stories at BlogHer..but did you hear about the Mann Crush T-shirt stories? LOL }
Actually, I saw him later and asked him about the t-shirt. He said he was out of them but he would save me one and give it to me at BowlHer 2 nights later..but I needed to send him a direct message on Twitter to remind him. (I sent 2)
BowlHer night was a great party by the way. He came over sat down and told me he had brought me the shirt..and he would get it for me in a few minutes. He got called away. {Saved by the bell}

A little bit later I saw him talking to a @banteringblonde and @childhood (they are sooo nice by the way) and I walked up to wait my turn. (It did remind me of the Bachelor show...crack myself up!) Anyway...he got up to get my shirt and I had to get another picture of him with my shirt (and the BowlHer boa) and do my best not to "Bug My Eyes" out. I'm shameless! do need to go listen to some of his music on Chris Mann Music and you too can become a Mann Fan... and no sorry, ...I'm not giving away my Mann Crush T-shirt!
Thanks Chris for being such a real guy and being so nice to us older drooling mom bloggers! Next step...To become one of your official Mann Boo! (LOL)


Banteringblonde said...

Chris Mann is the real deal ladies ... watch him because I have a feeling we will be seeing great things from the Mann! Sandy you are so awesome - It was so fun to get to know you in real life!

Chris said...

thanks for this nice post! wow! very sweet.

Poppy Buxom said...

Just wanted to drop by and say hello after meeting you at the BlogHer Swap Meet! I'm finally getting around to unpacking all my BlogHer swag and plan to use my new purse organizer when I leave for England on Thursday.

And I totally agree with you about Chris Mann--he is completely charming and a wonderful musician. I am just in awe of his vocals/keyboards/bantering with the crowds skills!