Monday, May 11, 2009

Garage Before and After Picture

This is the "Before" picture of a clients garage. I have shown these pictures before, but it was months ago and since I was doing some posts on garages, I wanted to show it again.
This client was not going to be staying in this house long, so putting things into the wall or up on the ceiling was not an option. It was a 4 car garage, so that was a wonderful luxury for me. (Wouldn't that be nice to have?...I sure think so)
I used shelves that the client already had and did purchase many clear plastic bins. It makes it easy to see most of what is inside the bin. All the bins are also labeled. The shelves basically have themes to them. There is one for "car supplies", "tools", "garden supplies", "cleaning", etc....
He had multiple "welcome mats" so we put them to use. There were some oil stains that he tried to have a company get out, but there were still marks. So we used the mats to try and make it look better.
Here is the "after" picture.


Amazing Greis said...

Wow, good job! The before and afters look like two different garages.

Stuff could always be worse said...

I wish my husband would look at how great this garage looks. He does not care, like I do. Great picture.

L Harris said...


jenjen said...

Oh Sandy - it looks awesome. Our garage is on my immediate to-do list!


Condo Blues said...

Your garage looks great! It inspires me to clean up and reorganize the shelves in my garage.