Monday, May 25, 2009

Thank a Veteran Today!!

What these men and woman have done for us we have no way of really realizing! The emotional and physical stress, the death they have witnessed, the fear they have gone through, the pain physically they have endured...we can't imagine.
We see pictures and hear stories, but we weren't there. But we reap the benefits of what they have done. We don't have to cover our faces, we can vote, we can get jobs and build the houses we choose. We have freedom that we take for granted. We may say we don't, but the majority of us who have never known any different...take it for granted.
This is my nephew. Matt went into the army right after high school. He became a medic in the army. He saw death, he helped friends who lost legs, arms, faces and lives. He was 19. He was able to help many also. He made it through with his life and health.

He was out on guard duty all night, walking and watching when things were calm. They got very little sleep...I mean very little. To be able to fall asleep like this you know that your body has to be utterly exhausted.

This is by the Iraq, Iran boarder. Beautiful place, so sad it had to be seen during a war.

This is Matt and his wife Mary today. He met her in the army. She was a nurse and also saw injuries and death.
My niece Kristy is also serving in the reserves. She is in Baghdad now and still big time in our prayers for her safety.
Thank goodness they had a positive outcome.
Matt and Mary are in Washington DC today at the Memorial Service.
We watched the concert last night in DC on TV, seeing Jose who lost part of his brain but survived. His mom and sister have to care for him daily as he can't do anything for himself. They showed a man whose face obviously had been mutilated. It looked obvious they had rebuilt his nose and part of his face. They showed men without legs and arms.
We can't realize the pain, suffering these families have gone through...just to give us freedom.
Be sure to thank a veteran today.

2 comments: said...

I can't imagine what these soldiers go through. I couldn't begin to handle it. I don't know how they do. Whatever anyone thinks about why this war is happening, we all admire these men and women. They are braver and stronger than I could think about being. Thanks for writing this post. It's a good reminder. I hope that people will remember that these veterans will still need support and care when they come home.

Sue said...

It's heartbreaking. My nephew is going to Afghanistan in January, my sister's only child. Next month he goes to Alberta to train to fight the Taliban. He is a new father and it is scary.
Thanks for the post...Canada has troops there too :-)