Thursday, May 14, 2009

Making the most of that "wasted" time.

Sitting in line waiting for your kids at school, sitting in the Doctors office, Dentist office can be such a waste of our productive time can't it? I know those things have to be done, but feeling like other things are being neglected can be irritating.
Try to think ahead and make that time productive. I have been doing the couponing, but I am having a hard time keeping up with getting them cut out and then organized in the binder. To really make your shopping productive, you need to know what you have and be able to find it. So I have started keeping my binder in the car! I only pick up the triplets (my stepkids) every other week, so on that week as I sit in the line for 20-30 minutes to pick them up....I work on putting my coupons in the right places.

I have taken checkbooks to balance, tax information to go through. Make sure you bring a calculator if you need it.
I am going to be going to sit while my car is being worked on today. I am going to call ahead and see if they have free Wifi there. If so, I will take my mini computer and get some work done. If not, I will take my coupons that need help (since I don't have the kids this week, I am not getting that "sitting in the school line" work done.
Try to think of something productive other than reading the magazines there.
If there is a self help book that you want to read but never find the time, keep it in your car and you will have it to take in with you.
Be creative, you will be surprised at how short your wait ends up being when you really want to get something done.


Ali said...

Great ideas - thanks Sandy!

Tiffany said...

Those are great ideas. Last night while wrapping up some ebay auctions I managed to clean out the filing cabinet. I had to be at the computer but not actively busy so something else got accomplished.

Joana said...

Good idea! My only problem is that I sometimes end up leaving my stuff in my car...which doesn't do any good! LOL

By the way, I'm doing the WOW today. Yesterday would have been next-to impossible, so although I did work on stuff, I'm doing more today. :)

L Harris said...

I try to use that "wasted" time too, but with 5 little ones almost always with me, my wasted time isn't really wasted. It is used parenting. Thanks for the reminder.

Sandy Jenney said...

I sat in Carmax today and got a lot of my coupons done. I know there were a few people looking at me strange as I sat there....and even stranger when I wiped out a pair of scissors from my purse and had to cut a few apart! But I feel so good getting as much done as I did with them.