Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Work On It Wednesday - Algebra Teacher with Declutter a Little Each Day

This week I am going to give my Gem of the Week award to Algebra Teacher with her blog Declutter a Little Each Day.
She does exactly that. She tells of what she works on each day and takes pictures. I think this is great! Go further on her blog and find the entry way/desk area before and after pictures. It looks great.
She actually has 4 blogs altogether, so get your recipe/savings hat on or algebra questions ready after you have read her decluttering blog.

Join our Work on It Wednesday group! Decide what you need to work on (it doesn't have to be organizing)and work on it on Wednesdays. Add your name to Mr. Linky, pick up the Work on it Wednesday button for your post about it. You may win the Gem of the Week Award also!

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L Harris said...

I haven't done a post, so I'll just comment with what I"m working on today. It is Apple Pie Day. So I'm doing a bunch of backing - Apple Pies (of course), bread, cupcakes, etc. And working on laundry as the baking allows.