Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I have joined a social media group that was developed just 3 months ago. Tastecasting is the brain child of Dan Harris here in Columbus. He realized that when a group of local social media had a meet up at a restaurant....that they were all twittering about it and the restaurant got some business and they had a good time.
Sooooo he decided to go with it. The Tastecasting group goes into restaurants, coffee houses, bakeries etc...and are treated to samples of their foods, music and inside knowledge from the inside people in that business.
We are helping them get the word out about their place...they are helping us by giving us social activities and good food and drinks!
We went to Bob Evans last night. This was the first "chain" restaurant that our group went to. We got to sample the new summer menu that comes out this Thursday.
Go to my Review Blog to read my review and see the pictures of all the yummy stuff we got to eat!
There are new cities being added all the time! You can start a group in your area if you want!!

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