Thursday, May 7, 2009

Garage organizing - Balls & Bats

When it comes to organizing kids sports balls, they can be a down right pain! They roll you know? That basketball that got loose and is now lodged under the car? The baseball that rolled down the driveway and is in the street gutter heading towards the sewer? Ever happened to you? Yep...I thought so. (Me too!)
Here are some wonderful solutions for your garage. There are many others out there, but these 3 are from The Container Store. (click on the picture for a directly link to that item in store)

You know I love things on the wall up and out of the way. This would be my favorite of the 3 I am going to show you. You can put your bats, balls and hockey sticks on this. There isn't a huge amount of space for balls, so if you have more than one child chances are you would need a couple of these. (click on picture for directly link to buy)

This is a good solution. I have not used one of these myself, so I can not say for sure how sturdy it is made. I do know if it is made from PCV pipe like some of the laundry sorters, then I would not recommend it. If this has a metal frame then it may be better. But the PVC ones tend to fall apart. They drive me crazy. But you can fit more in here and divide up the space nicely. (click on the picture for directly link to buy)

Here is another alternative. You can see what is in this to find the ball you want. So that is nice. It is metal, so should hold up ok.

Here is another solution that can be very inexpensive. (if you click on this get nothing! LOL No link to buy...go look in your garage!) If you have an extra trashcan that is not being used, this can work great. No it is not as ideal as some of the others, but less expensive. You can't see down clear at the bottom, it does sit on the floor...but you know what? It still works great. It holds a lot, things won't fall out the sides and no extra money was spent to provide a great space for balls and bats.
Have fun finding solutions for those balls and bats. Let me know what other creative ones you have come up with that you didn't have to go out and spend money for.

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