Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Work On it Wednesday - Getting rid of a "favorite"

Getting rid of something that has been well loved, is super comfortable or is hard to replace is very hard to do. There comes a time that for many items it needs to be done. Chaotic Kitten who writes Dehoarding Diary is working on a challenge today of throwing out a favorite pair of shoes because they have come to the end of their shoe life. She says that she doesn't own a lot of shoes and these are her it is going to be hard to do.
Keep in mind if you have followed my Work on It Wednesday...that Chaotic Kitten is a hoarder and as she has been on this very difficult journey this year to dehoard her home...getting rid of things is much more difficult for her than the average person. Be sure to check out her blog. She is very inspirational!

So how do you get rid of something that is hard to give up...but has worn out and serves no purpose (other than taking up space)?
I wrote a comment to her to be funny....but in all reality it is true. You can take a picture of that special item, so you have a visual memory of it. But the actual item and the space it takes up is gone.


Algebra Teacher said...

I really am moaning about this challenge because I have two pair of shoes that have lived well past their prime that I have been struggling with getting rid of. They are a black pair and a brown pair of slide type sandals. I have worn them all last summer, winter and spring. Yes, I said winter, too. One or the other have been on my feet almost daily since they were purchased. So I am taking this as a "sign" to go ahead and get them out of the closet and into the trash bin (or at least maybe into the work shoe pile or is that cheating?).

Sandy Jenney said...

Another possible options for shoes. If it is leather and can be resoled or repaired at a cobbler (isn't that the name..sounds funny..I haven't written or seen that in years.)...(and you will actually take it to get done) then keeping them makes sense (cents).

Donna said...

I did this recently when I worked on the master bedroom. Although I still have 1 pair I just can't part with. They are a great leather slide that will go with anything. I haven't been able to find a pait like them recently. :(

chaotic kitten said...

Thank you so much! I am pleased to report that the shoes are outside in the bin, waiting for the rubbish collection.

I have posted about it too :)