Saturday, June 6, 2009

Date night at Creekside in Gahanna Ohio

Just to share something a little different today. A little light, fun and romantic place near my home town.

I went with my hubby to dinner last night in little ole' Gahanna, OH. I had not been to the area they had completely built up as Creekside yet. Pictures looked nice and @creeksidenews is on Twitter, saying how nice it was, so we decided to give it a try. I was very pleasantly surprised. We decided to pick Wine Guys Wine Shop for dinner. We were able to eat out at one of the tables outside. We did not have a creekside view, rather a street and fountain view...but it was still so quaint to sit outside and eat. They had wine tastings. Wait...they called them wine flights. You get 4 small (I think it was 2 oz) glasses of four different wines in the same grouping to taste. Then you can order after that if you choose. These equal about 1 1/2 glasses of wine and that is plenty for me.

They also serve food in tapas sizes. They are smaller portions than normal, so that each person can order 2 or 3 tapas and try different things. We ordered a bread plate, salad to share, pizza and the special which was steak kabobs. We had pizza and steak to bring home.
I kept telling my husband as we sat outside that it made me feel like I was on a vacation. I didn't feel like I was in Ohio anymore. Isn't that the ultimate complement?

We then took a walk along the creekside and here are some pictures of that. White lights decorated some of the trees along the way.

See the baby ducks? Look close!
Of course we had to stop and get ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery!!
We really enjoyed this. I told my hubby it was the perfect date night. I look forward to coming back.


Steven O Weaver said...

Next time you come to Creekside, you need to stop into the Candle Lab and pour a candle. I own the Candle Lab, and we are connected to the Wine Guy through the hallway to the bathrooms! You can blend a couple of our 100+ scents together and pour your own candle, and it will be set up and ready to go one hour later. That's just enough time to enjoy a bottle of wine, so stop into our store first and we will deliver your candle to your table once its set up and ready to go. I'm so glad you enjoyed your experience at Creekside, and we look forward to seeing you back there soon!

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Sandy Jenney said...

I did see your shop. (as I went to the bathroom a couple of times!)LOL and I also noticed that the diffuser came from your shop. By the time we finished our meal your shop was closed, but I will be sure to stop by on our next visit.

Condo Blues said...

Creekside is one of my favorite places to visit. During the summer Old Bag of Nails will let us eat with our dog on their patio. Then walk the dog around the creek and if he's really good he's allowed to play in the water. He hates baths, but he LOVES playing in the muddy creek water!