Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Work On It Wednesday - Exercising

I have been working myself on exercise again! I started 2 weeks ago on my treadmill. I have decided to start slow so that I do not injure myself (like I have before) trying to do too much too fast. I have never run in my life. But I have made a goal of trying to run 1 mile by the time I turn 50. That is next March. I know it sounds like a really lame goal to many of you...especially you that have the goal or who do run marathons. But for me it is a big goal.
Like I said I am starting slow. I am walking 1/4 mile to warm up. Then I am starting with just 1/10 runs and then walks. I am up to two 1/10 runs and working on a 3rd one.
I am just hoping I can do this.
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