Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Moving? Five ways to Make it Easier

Moving? Does the thought blow you away? How do you pack it all? Not everyone is able to have professional movers pack them.

Here are 5 steps that can make your packing and moving easier.

1)Sort as you go.
Make sure you have your black and white trash bags handy! (Black for trash,
white for donate)
Make fast decisions. Don't sit an ponder.
Decide if this item will really add value at your new home or is it something
that will just add clutter.
Has it been packed away or used routinely.

2)Keep Like with Like
Only pack together items that belong in the same room at the new house.

3)Label boxes well.
Label what is in the box
Label what room that box belongs in or came out of. Keep it consistent.

4)Wrap and protect your items well to prevent damage
Don't pack your boxes too heavy.
Smaller boxes many times work best.

5)Sort again and declutter some more when you unpack!
You may decide in your new home you don't like the look or feel of something you though
you wanted. Don't hesitate to declutter even more.

If you have time, try to do a little each day. Don't wait until the last minute.


Jayne said...

Really great tips, def. need to pack neatly or unpacking will be a nightmare!

Zeemaid said...

ooh love it. Never would have thought of that white and black bag idea. Great tips!!! This is getting printed out and stuck on my fridge!