Monday, June 1, 2009

Zwaggle - It's a Free, Green and Great way to Declutter!

Hey All - I think this is a wonderful service!! Kudos for those responsible.
I know that I use Good Will a lot for myself and my clients. I have some clients who will use E-bay. I think this is easier than a garage sale, you can benefit from it by then being able to turn around and purchase things you may need for your kids now - and it is all without money! Cool
Do you have a bag of donate items you need to get rid of? Zwaggle It
Do you have clothes that do not fit your children anymore? Zwaggle it!
Do you have a nice purse you can't use? Zwaggle it!

Zwaggle: Do Your Share
Do you need clothes that do fit your children? Find it on Zwaggle!
Looking for a stroller? Find it on Zwaggle!

But guess what????? You don't have to use money for buy and sell your items using Zwaggle Points or zoints (points you earn for joining Zwaggle, "selling" your items, referring friends to Zwaggle).
It cost nothing to join and nothing but zoints to "buy" items. The only money that is used is for shipping the item if it is not local.
This is a great way to be "green" and keep the items that you no longer need out of landfills.
For those of you who have a hard time decluttering, this is new incentive. Not only do you know that your items will go to people who can use them, but you can earn zoints for yourself and then go shopping for items that you truly need.

You can even donate your zoints to charities they have available and help others even more.
Go to the Zwaggle site and watch the video that is at the top of the home page right beside the picture. It explains it very simply.
Be sure to tell them I sent you when you join!!


♥ Joanna said...

Is this pretty common in the Ohio area? I'm about 2 hours west of you, and I'd love to get involved, but driving 2 hours to pick anything up/drop anything off is not really worth my time/energy/gas, if that makes sense.

Sandy Jenney said...

This doesn't have to be local. You can do it by mail. The only cost would be the shipping cost for either the "seller" or "buyer". That is part of what is decided. They make it easy with labels you can print. You can list your item as local if you do not want to deal with shipping.

Ally at Zwaggle said...

Thanks for the great post, Sandy! We really appreciate the kind words and your help in getting the word out about Zwaggle.

If you're a reader who wants to sign up for Zwaggle because of this post, make sure to put "Organizer Sandy" in the section called "Tell us about your interest in joining Zwaggle" in the "Join Zwaggle" section.

If anybody has any questions, feel free to visit, or email me at!

Thanks, again, Sandy!

Ally at Zwaggle said...

Joanna - We make shipping VERY easy with a built-in FedEX tool, just visit for more information. We have people trading all over the country, not just locally!