Monday, June 29, 2009

Mom TV is Growing ...Check it Out!

Mom TV is great fun!! I have done three shows so far and have another one tonight. My show time is every Monday night at 8:30pm est. Tonight's topic will be organizing your kids rooms.
But I have also been watching an participating in other shows. (Click here for the show line up.) You can get on in person via your web cam and join that way...or like most of us watching the shows you can just type in and ask questions and make comments.
There are a couple of shows that have more than one person running the show. There have been some interesting conversations come up in some of the ones that I have watched.
Other really nice feature of Mom TV is that if you can't make the show time that a show is on you want to watch...they are recorded, so you can go back and watch past episodes. You can't talk to them of course and you can't watch what others are there are some downfalls...but you can still enjoy the show.
You can join the community and add your own videos too. Although I have a show, I hadn't joined the community until last night. I think I was so focused on figuring out the show etc..I didn't realize there was an entire community linked to it. (Dah!!??) So I am going to get on there today and fill out that profile more extensively.
Come on and check it out!! It is great fun.

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This sounds like something my mom would love! And her name is Sandy too!

<3 Lindsay