Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Organizing Kids Rooms

Kids rooms can be a challenge. We want them to be cute and fun, but they also need to be practical. Spending a lot of money on the kids bedrooms is not always an option for many of us (including me).
I did my Mom TV show last night in my step daughter's bedroom. I explained that as cute as it is (at least I think so), it was very inexpensive to do. I think I maybe spent about $50 when we married almost 3 years ago and my husband and his kids moved into my house. I painted all her existing bedroom furniture. It had been a set that his sister had when she was a kid. I am sure many of you had seen it, white with little rose bud designs. But this was worn and didn't look so great. I used pink, purple and lime green as my color scheme and went to work.

I found this shelf at a garage sale for $2. It was white and falling apart. My husband put in a couple of nails and I painted it and it is great! If you are able to use wall space..then do! You can add storage space and make it look cute at the same time.

I took a white bookshelf that we had elsewhere in the house and could reutilize and painted it pink to go in the room. I added hooks on the side of it. You can put up several and use them for necklaces, belts etc. She uses her for her robe and ballet bag.

A bulletin board can be a great place for the kids to put up their artwork. If you have a closet door that opens out, on the inside of that is a great place to place one. The back of a door can also work.

This is a fun little storage option. I found it at Ikea. We have not hung a hook for it, and my step daughter made her own solution because she wanted to use it. She hung it on one of the hooks that holds her Twitter laundry bag. These come in the longer version (shown) or one that just has 4 cubbies slots.

You can use these for little stuffed animals, small toys and knickknacks. You can even use them in a closet for underwear and socks or baby's room for small baby clothes or diapers.
You children's rooms need to follow the same direction that the rest of our house does. Too much clutter can make them feel "cluttered" and anxious.
We need to teach them that they need to have a limited amount of "stuff" in their room and start them early on not being pack rats themselves and thinking they can't part with any of their toys.


Ross said...

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Bailey (Makeover Momma) said...

Those are great ideas for organizing kid's rooms... I really could learn a lot! The only thing I have going for me is the obsessive need to label everything ; )